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  • Beyond the Boundary

    In this blog I or we tried to talk about the most popular four platforms without hiding any information for your income.

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  • Find a Mentor

    Of course you will need a mentor. Because, after understanding your skills, he'll give you a quick way to succeed.

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  • Journey 'Shortcut'

    Do not be mindful in different ways. Firstly, use a specific platform and some methods. Get help from mentor if needed.

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  • Rapid Development

    If you have a few days of practice, development is not so difficult. Yet in less time we try to make all the steps easier.

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  • Success on the Internet

    Your wealth is also being created with earnings. So, in this case, success is similar to the time-dependent and hard work artists.

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BloggerBoundary | The Rising of Digital Entrepreneur

Think Globally,
Act Locally

StartUp Entrepreneur's Creative Converting Ideas

We hope, within few hours you can learn all about the fastest and complete web development process with our customized learning platform
[ here, all necessary tools / resources / services are now available to you," if you have " some time! ]

10 Myths of Having Website for Your Business

If you build it they will come
A Website is Only A Business Tool
Design Is Everything
More Visitor = More Sales
Websites Only Need Image & Text
Just Copy Your Competitors
Websites Sell Themselves
Websites can't track sales data
Newsletters are Just A Formality
Websites Need To Be Perfect.

Why you need a Blog or Website?

The reason is - these are the days ..
'Digital Marketing' needs to growing up for
The advance International Marketing

08th Jan 2017

FIRSTLY,  YOUR TARGETED CUSTOMER CAN BE ANYWHERE OR ALL OVER THE WORLD & secondly,  you have to work at once precisely.

Rest of the year is just part-time taking care of your brand using social network and digital marketing technique

In short words,
How To Get Benefits from an Online Business?

Here, beginning is kind of raff but after few month your money growing up than previous month and this money has no limit, [$1,000 - $10,000/month ( WHO KNOWS!) Only, if you have a good idea for an online business? ]

Read, All In On One Page!
Making of Any Type Website Business with WordPress

Are you ready for the planning?

#01 - Name Your BRAND with .COM Domain;
#02 - Do some quick development process after learning;
#03 - At last, proudly share your BRAND over the world.


Why Not! Implement Any Single Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

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Few True Facts /
Online Business Making Important ( FAQs )

  • Can I really make money online with my website/blog? How can I get started?
  • At this point because of Google, Amazon and many many other big marketplace, Online Industry is now growing up.
    Opportunity of make money online much more easier now. But within few years this situation going to be a big change. Marketing Is Changing Fast in present days.

    Blog is the only source of income that can use all sources of income online together. Online money-generating networks also launch their business ideas to collaborate with bloggers. That is, almost all types of income sources are related to blogger / digital marketer. Even they have given bonus / gift addition to funding bloggers. And now the online industry is spreading in this way. Here are the types of income source websites that are arranged in the category, hopefully, you can find the source of income according to your preferences.
  • I don’t have enough time for everything. How can I work on this part-time while still having another job?
  • Yes! You can certainly do it.
    But you have to adjust your work with a smartphone, tab or laptop and you must be sure to earn a way in which you have more interest and less time to earn.

    But it may not be so, you can earn from the month after the start of your work.

    Find out more about this way.
  • I want to quit my 9-to-5 job. How can I make a full time living off this?
  • No No; If you leave your job and search the sources of income from online sources, then you will be in danger.

    In this case, you can master your job as well as master online skills. Which you can do on your holidays if you have that time. In this way, your income may start after a few months or 1 year of attaining proficiency. It will also depend on what type of online work you decide to do. In this way, after starting earnings, you can leave the job if you want. From my reality, I would say, do such a practice while having a student life or those who have such educational qualifications can be more successful in the future.
  • I’m not a good writer. How can I create content for the niche that I know nothing about?
  • English is a common language of the known world. This is a simple understanding. Suppose, if you are not able to accurately convey an email to your network manager about the difficulty of getting money; In that case you will not find any good work online or you will be away from success soon.

    But yes! There are many ways to solve your semi-raw English mistakes or solutions tools online. Which is used by almost all the experts.

    Click here to know what "Niche" is !
    Suppose you want to sell a product online. Then, of course, you must have a detailed knowledge about the good or bad about the product, as well as you have a detailed knowledge of the design made in text or video format. Here, the faster you can do this, the more your success is closer.
  • What exactly is a self-hosted blog? Blogger vs WordPress: Which is best?
  • There are two options when you are talking about the blog. The first is a free blog host like Blogger, Tumblr or In this case is free but if you do not spend anything you are limited in different ways.

    The second is where you sign up for a given hosting account with a company like Hostgator, Bluehost or Godaddy and host your blog and domain name for yourself. This is a more professional alternative and really gives you complete control of your server and when you use WordPress, you can design, build and optimize your blog or website in a very short time without any coding knowledge.

    In short, the matter depends on your skill, will and need. The good or the bad things of the two platforms are given below and you decide on your own.

    Blogger Good Things:
    Blogger is basically a good way to create a blog without buying a fast host, and Google Search Engines results similarly to bloggers like WordPress. Blogger is a preferred choice for creative people, because if you know the coding, it is possible to change the design as desired and almost everything is free for the design that is available in the internet.

    Blogger Bad Things:
    If you do not know about coding, you will not get a very good result.
    Blogger has few plugins, that's why it is often impossible to create a website without a blog. Apart from these, the violation of the blogger's policy also plays a very rigid role.

    WordPress Good Things::
    Wordpress users actually own their site. The most exciting thing is that it is so easy to create blogs or websites without any coding knowledge or without any previous experience. More interesting thing is that besides shopping cart plugins, there is flexibility to use plugins as desired. Although design cannot change much, but you can get lots of themes. Also WordPress is optimized to earn money. It is possible to create any major website by maintaining security with WordPress.

    WordPress Bad Things:
    Just have to spend money for domain, host, theme and good plugins. Another important thing is that because of the high popularity, there are many free themes or plugins that cause blogs or website hacks.
  • How difficult is it to use WordPress? How much will this cost me?
  • I think WordPress is a lot like the use of Android phones, where you can create websites or blogs by installing certain apps and designs as per the requirement. And its use, which is like the use of the new Android phone, just after a few days of practice, which is a simple one.

    In a word, there is no such other easy way to create blogs or any kind of website like WordPress. After the start of WordPress's journey since 2003, millions of developers have been working to make WordPress easier, because of that, its popularity is increasing every day. For this reason, the use of personal blogs among smart and conscious people is also increasing daily than other social media uses.

    So, the easiest ways to create blogs are as follows: (1) Install (2) Select a Theme (3) Basic Editing (4) Plugin Configure

    If you are thinking of creating a blog or website using WordPress for the first time in the process of installing, it would be better for you to start with  Hostgator, Bluehost or Godaddy  which will create a basic website in a few minutes bypassing the installation part of your full blog or website.

    Surprisingly, the total cost of the website: $ 46- $ 100 / per year.

    Here's one thing to say about that...

    How much do you pay for a cup of coffee in the morning?
    Hopefully, from $ 3 to $ 6, which is to be paid for a full month's hosting, and maybe this is why big successes are waiting for you.

    Anyway, invest in the beginning:
    A domain name is usually costing $14.99 / year
    Web hosting usually costs $7.99 / month.
    Better design themes usually cost between $40 - $70

  • I’m not very tech-savvy. Can I do this? How long does it take to set up a blog?
  • Technology, we're all using less or more, as many of us have a smartphone or a laptop. So, every day we are used to getting more or less used online. That's why online presence has become a necessity for everyone now. It is not waiting to say that we have to stay with our technology.

    If I say about creating a blog:
    The self-hosted website made by WordPress is also possible using the smartphone. Whereas except for WordPress setup, any post or comment or lot can be done from a smartphone.

    So again, it is said that WordPress is not used for any coding and can also be used on smartphones, so this is not so difficult.

    Since I do not know you or how much you love to be Busy at work, so this will depend entirely on you. But I can give you ideas about how much time you may have to create a blog or website. Before you increase your interest here, I will make a statement that by creating a blog or website here, you are creating a wealth of your own. Which can earn good even after a little bit of work. Another thing, using your blog or website creation skills can earn a lot more in the freelancer marketplace, like ( Freelancer, UpWork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHoure. ). So I will say when you want to know or learn something, learn with patience. The issue of creating a blog or website is the same. If you already know at least some of the information, you can get 10 minutes of basic website structure by GoDaddy, BlueHost or HostGator after signing up with 1 click installation. Then you will need to install themes according to the theme markets like (,, ) and for that, it will take 7 more days to change your theme's text and image. At last, it will take at least 10 more days to write some content. However, if your content is ready then it will take less time. From then on, you start your money making journey and I hope all the related information for your plan will be cleared by reading this blog.
  • Which one is the Fastest and Cheapest Web Hosting Per Year? What hosting service should I use?
  • Of course, selecting the best hosting at the beginning is very important and here, I will never take the name of any falsely hosting. So, now in order to take the name of the three best hosting, you can check it if you want.
    (1) HostGator, (2) BlueHost or (3) Godaddy

    The hostgator has the highest number of trusted subscribers and continues to maintain their own reputation as the hostgator number 1 host. As a fast, fast host, your website allows you to drive more traffic than your loved one.

    Apart from blogs, the hostgator is a good choice for ecommerce or any major plan.

    There are lots of discussions about HostGator and BlueHost, because of this WordPress recommends BlueHost and it is a lot easier for new users. The same thing also applies to the hostgator. However, considering the quality and the new users, the hostgator will first, and then BlueHost will be able to create blogs only.

    On the other hand, creating a blog or eCommerce website or a great website using Godaddy Host, Domain and SSL will be a smart decision. Which helps you quickly get ranking in Google search results. Among the advantages of GoDaddy. Use of Godaddy is very good due to many additional benefits such as get automatic core updates, daily backups, 1-click staging site and SSH access, though it costs a little more.
  • Can people hack my blog? & Why I Should Not Use a Free Hosting or Free WordPress Theme?
  • It is a normal fact to see the risk of online hacking, it is a simple fact of life. However, if you create a complex username and password combination, you can significantly reduce the probability of hacking. Along with the use of good quality Hosting Company, you must use SSL, SiteLock, of your hosting. Always keep all of your essential items organized in folders, write down important information and back up everything essential. Above all, keep your PC or laptop safe by AntiVirus and keep yourself safe with smartphones.
    Finally, keep an eye on the hackers through the website and block them.

    Find out more about this with some plugins or software, techniques or methods. Click here. Here, do not use any free themes other than the purchased theme to prevent hacking. You can use free themes, but you can use only free themes from WordPress. On the other hand, free plugins should be used to view popularity before use or become more aware of using it.

    Lastly, you should use Windows or Mac operating system to register and no crack software, and thus hopefully you can avoid the risk of being hacked.
  • Which WordPress theme is good, how do I understand?
  • There are many more beautiful themes available online for your WordPress website, but the main thing is to buy or understand a truly quality theme from a trusted marketplace. But according to previous warning, you must check the reason why you do not use free themes. Find more details here.

    In short, you surely do not expect that any established website is hacked, or you lose interest in the website if you are unhappy. So, my suggestion first buys the best theme and start the design. It will save a lot of your time.

    Before determining the theme, there are some reasons to note:
    1. How many features are there in your theme, which you would like to use?
    2. How long will your website be downloaded?
    3. How much-advanced script is used ?, such as menus, sliders, etc ...
    4. What is the possibility of clicking on your theme's ads?
    5. How much do you believe your theme's developer? Etc ...

    Before buying any theme, there are many more reasons for this: Check here and check out the theme of your choice.
    We have a list of some of the best themes from well-liked marketplaces, you can check if you want.
  • Where To Find A Product For Sell Online / How to get online money making opportunities?
  • There are various types of online products available to sell, which are sold, and almost all of the products are sold through somebody or someone else. This medium is determined by the link. Where both of them is a profitable partner.

    Such as Payoneer, an online banking service provider.
    Here: After you have a free account from Payoneer, Payoneer gives you a link to invite your friend or anyone into their account. This link is called referral link. So if your friend creates an account with that link, you will earn $25, in the same way, your friend will get a $25 bonus. Otherwise, none of them can earn.

    Understand a little, it's a kind of marketing. Which is called "Network Marketing". Because the number of online users is low and the promotion of the product is fast growing online this way. That's why all such network-places depend on Blogger or Internet Marketer, which are much more effective.

    So you will decide what product you want to sell, you can actually work with any product that is sold online.

    Click here to see, as per our advice, see some good sources of income, as well as know about the warnings.
  • What is the real ways to Increase Traffic to my blog/Website?
  • There are two different ways to increase visitor-
    The first is - free method and second payment method. You can get clear idea of ​​the whole thing from the following two posts.
    1. Free method
    2. Payment methods
    In short, the free methods include social media, youtube videos, and forum posting.

    Payment methods: To do SEO or email marketing, buy some plugins or accept website services. There are also more details in the above-mentioned post.

    Syndication is the fact that you do not have to go to each social site and share it separately, this will be shared with all the social sites you have defined through a social website, below an umbrella. This syndication is important because when you click on the Publish button from your blog, your post automatically posts it to other social sites. In fact, you are getting free visitors immediately.
  • How I can receive my earning? & What is the Risk Factor?
  • Apart from having a dollar exchange facility online on your Credit Card, you have to use the mentioned accounts as well. However, when you make a payment, you will charge some or charge yearly but everyone can sign-up freely at any time.


    This type of banking account is required:
    - In the case of buying anything online.
    - To get money from different networks.
    - In exchange for personal money. For example, if you want to sell a digital product yourself.

    'Risk Factor' Topics:
    I would say, 'Risk Factor' is the patience and achieve various skills. In addition to these two, the type of work, social, physical, foresight and technical issues can also be a risk factor. After all, if you do not have such patience and artistic skills, then you may not get very good results. But sometimes it is also possible for anyone to earn without any skill according to the type of work.

    Anyway, I would say that today or tomorrow, you have to be contemporary with the era.
    For example, if you do not use a smartphone, who will be harmed, you will suffer.

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"We must no longer consider ourselves citizens of cities or towns where we teach,
But we must consider the citizens of the world."

So, we think of global entrepreneur and
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Business is great if you can do certain thing in a certain way in business. The beginning is kind of rough.
Everything else just taking care of. How you can apply those some of the principles in your business. That’s the tragedy.

it's not depending on your everyday time manage and
it depends on your own decisions how quick you want.


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